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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Feliz Navidad 2018 - El Pesebre Cuenca, Ecuador

Until now the most impressive nativity scene we have seen was in Medellin, Colombia in 2013 in one of the world's largest lighting celebrations of Christmas known as  " Los Alumbrados."  The scale of this nativity scene was much larger.

Currently on display in the New Cathedral in Cuenca  a miniature nativity scene encompassing 280 square metres, until January 6th.  Set on a giant rock with over 1600 figurines of which 600 of them entail motion activities or move.
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 The nativity scene emulates an entire working community,  complete with sounds and appropriate lighting which effectively emulate daily & nightly cycles of life. An intricate display of fishermen, basket weaving, corn grinding, bakers, seamstress, farmer, shepherds, woodworker, potters, barrel maker, townsfolk, children, and animals.

This community surrounds the  manger of the humble birth of Jesus.

The working activities cease at nightfall as the village and home lights come on, and the moon appears. Tranquility, peace and darkness looms.




Then a rooster crows signifying daybreak and the commencement of the many figures working activities.

The nativity scene was made in Loja and is visiting Cuenca this year. Narrating the life of Jesus, but with an inclusive worldwide perspective encompassing castles, country cottages,  scenes from Egypt, mountains and plains.



There is a beautiful flowing river, and several waterfalls.

The viewing line moves slowly enabling everyone to view the intricate working details and enjoy the elaborate work of art. Signs along the route describe significant events and scenes.

The concept originated 15 years ago with Jimmy Arias a Lojano priest seeking to teach children about the life of Jesus Christ. Translated from Spanish the opening message reads:

" The town of Israel anxiously awaits the return of the Mesiah but they don't know how to adequately prepare for his return. Nor do they know the timing of his return. From the lips of Jesus Christ if your heart is distant and you do not know his presence; you await salvation without knowing the saviour;  you await freedom without knowing he who sets you free; you await the shepherd without knowing the road, truth, or life; you await for God without knowing him. The village of Israel's purpose is to have you prepare for the return of our saviour. To know him here and know. He is magically present through this media; present in our surrounding neighbours; present where you need human joy;
present in the church and its leaders; present in his word.
When visiting this nativity and reflecting on his birth, may you enjoy abundant spiritual fruits and peace.  The Peace of Christ. "

With the passage of time it has become a great attraction in it's own right for everyone.
Last year it was seen by over 150,000 visitors in Loja and it is expected this number will be met or exceeded again this year in Cuenca.  



Enhance your Christmas experience this year by visiting, or enjoying the photos and article.

Merry Christmas  -  Feliz Navidad  2018

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