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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Many of our readers have been inquiring on how they can meaningful contribute, or help poor citizen's in Ecuador, or any developing country. 

On the lower right section of this website We have established a volunteer links section to an extensive network of volunteer organizations where you can find your passion, or interest, and contribute your time, or financial resources to a project.  Perhaps  have a new invigorating adventure during your next vacation period.

Donations of money, clothing, school supplies, textbooks,  used books,  and old computers and electronics can easily be put to good use here.  While you can certainly fill any voids in your suitcase when you visit, the challenge of the logistical cost of shipping small quantities of such items is high.  In your community if you would like to collect " a container " of items to donate we can work with you in creating the necessary contacts, supplying a container,  identifying the funds for shipping, paperwork, and the other necessary resources to make your school, community, or neighbourhood program a success.  If you need help getting started, or organized, we can also assist you with the endeavor. 

We have recently discovered another innovative option which enables you to loan your money to an entrepreneur in a developing country in a wide variety of projects.  Kiva is a non-profit organization which leverages the internet to allow people worldwide to lend as little as $ 25 to help alleviate poverty. 

Founded in 2005, Kiva now has about 900,000 lenders providing $ 401 million in loans to entrepreneurs in 67 different developing nations.  They currently have a 98.97 % success rate with repayment. You can participate with as little as $ 25 .

Currently there are 84 entrepreneurs seeking assistance in Ecuador please join us in helping them raise the required capital to enable them to improve their standard of living and achieve their dreams. Pick your favourite country and find a project you would like to support and put your idle cash to good use ! Or assist in disaster recovery programs such as Burundi - lending to people who have lost everything.

For more information or to make a loan now.   

"We envision a world where all people - even in the most remote areas of the globe - hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others."

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