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Thursday, February 14, 2013

El Frutal Finca Ecologica y Turistica

A new interesting agrotourism operation is worth visiting  to help, or to learn in an exclusive natural place, or when simply seeking rest & relaxation. 

El Frutal Farm is 60 kilometres northeast of Bahia de Caraquez in Las Mercedes, a small community near San Isidro. It is in the tropical rainforest receiving over 100 cm of rainfall annually.


This environment differs significantly in plant and animal species from the dry forest surrounding Bahia de Caraquez.  There are many species of flowers, including orchids and bromelĂ­as in the area.


The Guyacan, Laurel, Cedro, Jigua, & Guayabo trees provide the home for a variety of birds, parrots, hummingbirds, butterflies, howler monkeys, and sloths.

El Frutal Farm organically cultivates plantains, banano, oranges, limon lima, limon manderina, tangerine, oranges, mandarins, grapefruit, avacado, mamay, zapote, coffee, cacao, bamboo, & achiote.


El Frutal Farm is certified organic agriculture, sustainable eco tourism, environmental education, and working with the community in developing sustainable programs.


Here you will learn the value of organically grown fruit and its interrelations for balance and subsistence of the planet.  The farm offers it's organic products, fruit, and compost for sale.

You can enjoy learning,  resting, or helping on the farm.

 Organic Farm Tour

A day tour to  El Frutal Organic & Ecological Farm is an unforgettable learning experience in a natural tropical forest environment which inspires sustainability and well being. Step away from your routine life with the opportunity to have intimate contact with nature.


8:00  Orientation and departure from Bahia
9:00  Coffee & traditional bread at Ola Mi Caballo
10:00 Farm discovery trek & explanation of organic practices
12:30 wholesome country almuerzo & juice
13:30 relax in the hammock under the trees
14:00 Harvesting Fruit and Cocao processing
17:00 Return to Bahia

INCLUDES:  Transportation to / from Bahia,  coffee & traditional bread,  wholesome country almuerzo & juice, fresh fruit snack,   Guided ( Spanish or English ), 

Cost    $ 35  person          $ 25  / person for groups of 6 or more

Optional tours to a dairy processing facility,  short trip and then hike  to the nearby waterfall of Nueva de Octubre, or archeological expedition to San Isidro

RECOMMENDATIONS: Please bring water bottle, comfortable clothes, rain gear ( December through May )  hiking boots,  insect repellent, sun hat/cap, sun protection, binoculars, and camera.

For those who decide to spend more time there they have a three floor terraced lodge built in wood & bamboo with room for 10 people, a guest house for 2, and ample space for camping.


A large kitchen and dinning shelter area with open view of the rain forest, games,  gardens, ecological bathrooms, hot shower and all that nature provides.

To stay in El Frutal Organic & Ecological Farm is a period of continuous learning. One day you can be sowing a tree, the following day you will be learning about environmental education, picking oranges, restoring the farm, giving English lessons to the local children, or working in the community,  interpretive walks in the forest, birdwatching, or spotting the howler monkeys, or sloths,  resting,  or simply learning the ancestral culture of the people that inhabited the area.


Afranio has been involved in Las Mercedes community development since  2007 initiating many valuable activities and projects. Community development workshops for adults in the community have been organized on agriculture and alternative ways to supplement or enhance their income.


After your visit we hope you take with you a better sense of the real Ecuador. A preserved natural green world of where conservation of the environment is extremely important,the good practices of the local community, and integrated sustainable tourism.


For reservations or more information please call Don Afranio  @  099 432 0374

                e-mail  eldescousodedonAfra@hotmail

                Facebook:  Finca Ecologica Turistica

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