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Sunday, February 3, 2013


Jaramijo is located in the province of Manabi, just north of Manta, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.


The beautiful little fishing village of Jaramijo has a population of about 12,000.


It sits overlooking the working fishing harbour, which is wrapped with a malecon.


This village is one of those undiscovered jewels we adventurers love to find.


Despite its beauty, charming character, and rich history  tourists are scarce. In fact many nearby local residents do not know of, or have yet to visit Jaramijo.  There is very little written information available about the city.


Although the canton was recently formed on 28 April 1998, it's capital - the town of Jaramijo, is according to archaeological evidence over 4,000 years old.  The city has basic services,  with minimal overnight accommodations.


Its attractions are natural beauty, and a very rich history.  General Eloy Alfaro's famous battle against three ships was just off this coast.


Jaramijo has a beautiful wide, gray sandy beach flanked and protected by cliffs. The wide beach facilitates volleyball ,soccer, and surfing.  The natural harbour provides calm, clear waters for swimming.  Along this beach you will find pelicans,vultures, egrets, gulls, frigate , blue footed boobies,  snails, crabs, and much more.

The harbour is home to the last of the fishing sailboats in use on Ecuador's central coast, and several major tuna processing factories are nearby.


To the south the peninsula of land which provides protection for the natural harbour, holds the Institute of Oceanography's lighthouse. The community is seeking to create a tourist focal point here with an observatory and restaurant.   

For the Festival of St Peter & St Paul on August 24th its residents hold a miniature UN celebration.


In summary  Jaramijo is the ideal place to bring your family and friends, avoiding  the crowds, enjoying peaceful relaxation, and discovering nature's mysteries.

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  1. I like your blog , it sounds like its written by Deborah , a lot of heart --- do you 2 live in Jaramijo ? ---- i*m a Gringo ( I like the word )
    Live in an airstream on a horse ranch , beautiful spot , total over head $78 a month ( covers internet , utilities , vehicle insurance and free toilet paper ) -- cannot beat that anywhere -- BUT i*d like to trim down to a shoulder bag and a pair of boots , sandals --- meditation , flexible , ( no mood making ) --- U guys are trying to develop tourism in Jaramijo ? I*m all ears , novden@yahoo.com


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